Cooked frittata

My mom has been in the hospital for the last few weeks, which is why I have not been able to post any recipes. She’s on the mend, but will need care for some time, so my posts will be sporadic.

Hospital food is not the best and Mom was having a hard time with it, so we brought her dinner every night. [More…]

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Garlic Bread

June 1, 2014


There’s only one kind of garlic bread in my recipe repertoire and that’s day-old sourdough bread, spread with a mixture of butter, garlic, dried basil, and Parmesan cheese, then broiled into a bubbly cheesy toast. Those loaves of bread filled with a bit of butter, sprinkled with garlic powder, wrapped in foil, and steamed in the oven don’t deserve the name. [More…]


Waffle with sc and jam

The perfect waffle has a moist interior, a crispy exterior, and isn’t of the Belgian variety. I recently ordered a waffle at a breakfast meeting and I should have known it would be Belgian (is there any other kind served in restaurants these days?). I’m not sure when this trend began, but it needs to go away. The waffle was so heavy and dry, I had to drown it with syrup to make it palatable, and even then, I couldn’t eat it. Which had me craving a good waffle. [More…]

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Reader Gita sent me to this YouTube video of a chef peeling apples the speedy way and it is brilliant. I wish I had known about this when I worked in restaurants (or been smart enough to come up with this idea) and when I had a house with five apple trees. Wow – would my life have been easier. Anything that saves time in a restaurant kitchen is a gift, because you are always just a couple of steps behind, no matter how fast you go.

I haven’t tried this yet, because in spite of the numerous peelers I have (my search for a peeler with a certain design is never-ending and a future post), none is the the kind the chef in the video is using.

Peeling apples is a sticky business and I can’t imagine all the juice from the apples does the drill any good. I would experiment  wrapping the drill with sticky plastic wrap (like I do to my kitchen back-splash when making jam) to protect and keep it clean.


Equipment for making jam

April 27, 2014

Making jam

I come from a long line of women who made jam, and grew up on nothing but the homemade stuff, mostly apricot (from the five Blenheim apricots trees in our backyard) and wild blackberry, picked from bushes growing in the West Marin area of California. We also gathered huckleberries, those delicious wild mini-blueberries, although I don’t remember my mom making jam out of them. We mostly just ate them in pies, sprinkled on cereal, or out of hand, usually eating more than we put into the old coffee cans we used to collect them. [More…]


Hard Boiled Eggs

April 15, 2014

Hard boiled egg

It’s almost Easter, which means hard boiled eggs, something I rarely make, and I have to check my cookbooks every time. I also checked the internet, and the consensus is pretty much the same, it’s a simple process, all I have to do is remember it.  [More…]

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Frozen Creme Caramel

13 April 2014

Custards of any kind are one of my favorite desserts, whether it’s crème brulee, panna cotta, flan, pot de crème, or pastry cream. Custards can be simple and homey, but dressed up, they make a sophisticated and elegant dessert.

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Chewy Brownies

7 April 2014

A friend asked me for a brownie recipe the other day. She had a friend who gave her brownies that she loved, but the recipe was a secret the woman wouldn’t share with anyone. When I asked her to describe the brownies, she thought they were fudgy and very chocolaty.

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The Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes Recipe

30 March 2014

My son has had a huge appetite from the day he was born.  Even as a toddler, he could eat amazing amounts of food, so when he got to high school and joined the rowing team, I knew my food budget was in trouble. (My dad didn’t call him “The Locust” for nothing.) When your […]

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Individual crustless spinach quiches

23 March 2014

Whether it’s sweet or savory, food cooked in individual portions just seems to taste better. (Witness the cupcake craze.) Not only do individual servings taste better, they make a lovely presentation, and are a great way to have extra meals in the freezer and for gifting to others.

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